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My Director's Cut samples of edited home video.
My Director's Cut samples of edited home video.
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Why only share photos with your friends and relatives?   Send them a DVD or a video clip online to show what your family has done recently.

transfer your video to DVD and share with friends and family by mail or on the internet 
We provide custom editing and video-to-DVD transfer services at affordable prices.  We handle most formats including VHS,
S-VHS, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV and High-def video.

We mail DVD copies to your friends and family.


Photo slideshow
Create keepsake photo slideshows on DVDs for those special occasions.  Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.  

special event video to DVD transfer and web share

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HD video editing
... We also transfer high-definition video to DVDs with or without editing.  We will put the contents on Blu-ray DVDs for you, and we can also produce standard DVDs for your family members who don't have Blu-ray players.

College application video supplements
... Need to include a video supplement with your college application?  We have produced video supplements for students who got accepted by prestigious schools like Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Tufts and many more.  Most applicable for athletes, music and dance students. 

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